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100 PCS Violet Seeds


Violet Seeds are charming little flowers for the old-fashioned garden! This variety, Admiration, has large deep violet blooms. They are great for containers, hanging baskets, and window boxes or plant them in mass groupings in front of the flower border. Butterflies and bees will enjoy the Violet Seeds that are in your landscape! Violet Seeds are similar to pansies but are hardier and longer blooming. They prefer cool conditions, so after they bloom in the spring, cut them back to encourage another bloom again in the fall. They prefer rich, well-drained soil, and they like full sun to partial shade. Once Violet Seeds are established, they will often reseed but are not considered to be aggressive. After the danger of frost has passed, directly start the Violet Admiration seed outdoors in a clean, weed free bed. Cover the seed lightly. Maintain moisture until germination occurs. With a temperature 68 F, germination is usually within 21 days. Space the plants 8 inches apart.


  • Classification: Novel Plant
  • Full-bloom Period: Spring
  • Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
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