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100pcs/Pack Rare Bonsai Chrysanthemum Flower Seeds


Chrysanthemum, Asteraceae perennial herb. Whose petals were tongue or tubular, chrysanthemums are cultivated through long-term artificial selection of rare ornamental flowers, also known as Yi Ju. Varieties of three thousand species of chrysanthemum in China one of the ten flowers. adaptable, hi cool, more cold, optimum growth temperature is 18 to 21 degrees, the maximum temperature of 32 degrees growth, a minimum of 10 degrees, low temperature limit rhizome is generally 10 degrees below zero.

Small yet cheerful blooms top long, sturdy stems and make Ruben’s Mix a perfect choice for your cutting garden. Pompon Asters feature flower heads with tightly packed petals, making them a long lasting punch of color in the garden, or the vase!

Sow Outdoors:  Surface. Early spring before the last frost or in autumn. Sow in mid-summer or autumn in warmer areas. Spacing 5 to 8 inches (12 to 20 cm).  
Sow Indoors:  Germination time: ten days to four weeks in the light. Temperature 70°F (21°C). Transplant outdoors following the last frost in cool areas; or in late summer or early autumn in warmer areas.  
Requirements:  Full sunlight or partial shade. Moist soil. Rich soil. Regular watering. Requires a feed early in the growing season. Supply mulch in cooler areas to help over-wintering seedlings. Can be divided once flowering has finished.
How to grow Daisy (Bellis):

When growing Bellis outdoors it is best to sow out the seeds on the surface from spring to mid summer. They prefer to grow in rich soil and prefer lightly shaded or sunny areas of the garden. it is important to cut flowers back after flowering or they may take over the garden.


Red, White


  • Annual: Grows up to 20 Inches
  • Summer into Fall Blooming: Various Color Flowers
  • Prefers Full Sun Exposure.
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