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Mystic Blue Maple Bonsai Tree (20 seeds)


Give your space a special touch with this Mystic Blue Maple Bonsai Tree. Wherever placed, this beautiful planter gives off a zen and energizing aura, sprucing up your home, You will love the way its bold blue leaves stand out against any minimalist home decor. If you're a true believer in making your own home, guaranteed this bonsai tree will do the trick! Needless to say- it will have guests in complete awe. 

Planting Instructions: 

  • It is best to pot your seeds in autumn or stratify your seeds before planting.
  • Be sure to use a self-draining pot that's approximately 6 deep. 
  • Fill 1/4 of the bottom of the pot with a layer of gravel and a layer of fine clay
  • Add a mix of potting compost, fine clay and gravel to the second 1/4 of the pot - This should have your pot full to about 3 deep
  • Place seeds on the surface at approximately 2-5cm apart
  • Cover the seeds with a new layer of the same mixture of potting compost, fine clay and gravel
  • Water the soil a fair amount, avoiding a fine nozzle that may disturb the layers


Care Instructions: 

  • Keep your seed bed warm, preferably in sunlight 
  • Keep your seed bed damp, but not too wet
  • After seeds germinate do not prune or re-pot seeds until the next spring season
  • Seeds can be separated and re-potted in bigger pots after the first year or unrestricted growth
  • Train your seeds to become Bonsai trees with wiring, pruning and patience. 


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