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No Peel 6-Egg Hard Boiler Set With Egg Yolk Separator

Eating hard boiled eggs is fun, but preparing them is not! All that peeling, the cracks, the mess! Now prepare expertly hard boiled eggs in minutes without going through the hassle of cooling and peeling the hot and reluctant shells off with this clever mould set that lets you boil your eggs and have them ready to eat!


  • The set lets you hard boil your eggs without having to peel them off
  • Saves time and effort in trying to cool and peel the hot shells off the egg
  • Just break open the egg and pour into the mould, tighten the lid and put to boil.
  • Open after set time to reveal perfectly boiled eggs, ready to serve and eat.
  • An egg separating tool is included to separate egg whites from yolk if needed.
  • Made of heat resistant high quality silicone that's safe for boiling in water.
  • You can boil 6 eggs at once or as many as needed.
  • Each egg cooks with a flat bottom and pops out easily
  • Eggs can be seasoned before boiling

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