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Rare Holland Rainbow Rose Flower Seeds

Rare Holland Rainbow Rose Flower Seeds

These are the most convenient and striking plants to grow

Guide to plant the seeds-

Before sowing, need to be dealt with laminated sprouting for about 30-50      days.

What is Laminated Sprouting?

It is better to do this in the winter, because it needs low temperature ( lower than 5℃). Soak the seeds in the water mixed with gibberellin for 48 hours. Then mix the seeds with wet sand( wet sand can be into groups in your hand, but should be powder without your hands), seed:sand=1:3. After that, put them in the low temperature for 30-50 days.(You can put them in your refrigerator)

How to Sow-

Before sowing, wet the soil first, then plant the seeds in the soil. Covering 1-1.5 cm soil on the seeds. The best temperature is 20℃.

How/ When to water-

Don’t need to water it frequently, but keep the soil wet please.( Just wet, can’t be covered with water in it) Usually it takes about 15 days for germination.

Tips to get beautiful flowers-

  • Enough sunshine: half day of sunshine at least every day, and it should be airy.
  • Crop it frequently.
  • Fertilize in time.
  • Don’t need to change flower pot every year, but if too small, should be changed to bigger one.

Package Includes -

Each package contains 25 seeds. 

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